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Educational Characteristics

Suiting Your Degree of Progress

MANABI carry out various classes from beginner to advanced that completely suit your Japanese level and degree of progress.

Suite Your Study Purpose

Academic Path Support

MANABI create a 3-schools-linked database that contains all records related to students’ academic data including the institutes they applied, the result and content of their examination or interview. Based on the database, we are confident to help students to enroll even the top universities in Japan.
And our guidance is held one-to-one. Students can consult us with all sorts of problems.Making your preparation more effective with learning Japanese in class gradually.

Checkup Your Level and the Next Class - Counseling in Schools

・Each class has a teacher in charge, who is responsible for the planning of class study in accordance with student’s progress;
・At the end of each term there have a final examination for students to confirm their Japanese progress and weakness;
・Students can also counsel with their problems about Japanese life and study with the teacher in charge.

Good Study Environment After Class

・Students can study in classroom if there is no class;
・Can freely borrow textbook and CD in school for to challenge new different questions. This help students to perform well in the EJU or JLPT test;
・Teachers are always in charge enable students to ask their questions.