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Message from President

Message from President

MANABI have three administrative objectives: making students satisfied, bringing up excellent students group; and contributing our regional area. Although Japanese schools vary in their objectives and styles these years, MANABI invariably put great emphasis of our students’ dreams and happiness, and make contribution to Japanese education globally. Please fulfill you dream here via our specialized Japanese educational organization!

理事長 横沢 泰男

President  Yasuo Yokosawa

Our Objectives

  1. Spreading the name of MANABI globally;
  2. Bringing up excellent students group;
  3. Creating a students' satisfied Educational Institute;
  4. Contributing our regional area via education.

Educational Philosophy

  1. Self-fulfilling
  2. Self-rediscovery
  3. Global sense of thinking
  4. Understanding the very heart of Japanese language
  5. Learning Practical Japanese