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Customized Program

For Corporations and Organizations


MANABI Japanese Language Institute  has been recieving requests from the manufacturing, trading, IT related and various industries in conducting corporate dispatch class lessons, and individual lessons by school , to which we recieved favorable responses. 

We are making detailed lesson plan in line with the request of the the learners and the companies.In addition, we are also providing support to employees comes here in Japan using the expertise gained through the years by the international students as basis.                                                                              

【Examples of past activities】

 (1)Japanese language training for Electronic components manufacuring companies who are in charge of               overseas factories:

     Group or individual training for one month or up to one year.

     Trainings will be done in the company's training room  on a non-business day like Saturday.

     Japanese language sentences, kanji, conversations, speech and  Japanese culture will be taught throughout        the training.

(2)Staffing companies for foreign employees

    3 months intensive study

    Japanese grammar brush up, pronunciation correction, and presentation techniques.

【Exmples on support that we provide】

  We offer support like, assistance in procedures being done in the ward office,  how to use public transport and     publlic utilities, general law awareness, and on how to purchase a mobile phone.