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Top Universities Prep. Program


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Although the admission examination varies among approximately 800 universities in Japan, most universities take the result of Examination for Japanese University Admission(EJU) as their enrollment criterion.
In order to enter the national and public universities, which including the so-called top-universities, you are not only required to get a high score in the EJU in both Japanese as a foreign language and the basic subjects (Mathematics, Science, Japan and the World), but also expected to preform well in university’s own English examination and TOEIC test.
MANABI carry out courses of basic subjects and English subject that enhance your exam grades!

Set Goals and Strengthen your Basic Skills
Attend the orientation in MANABI that holds one academic year before your formal application. Choose some schools as your tentative goal. Then, try to investigate their enrollment qualification, and design your future plan of study.
Even in this early period, MANIBI carry out courses for the EJU Test and for English that can let you be confident with the following study.

1st EJU
Objective 300
In order to get a high score in your 1st EJU, MANABI provide a comprehensive analysis to the past question, and carry out special intensive courses.

Joint College Fair and Open Campus
The key to success is to know more about your objective school.
College fairs starts in every July. Attend them and prepare information useful in your interview.

Entrance Examination of Private Universities
Thoroughly investigate the past examination questions of your objective school, and learn more about their interview from the experiencers. Don’t forget to keep practice.

2nd EJU
Objective 350
In order to get a higher score, MANABI provide mock test and intensive course before the examination.

Entrance Examinations of National/Private Universities
Both written examination and interview need sufficient preparation. Our teachers support you to the final stage.

Visa Application

Visa application procedure


Intermediate level of Japanese at the starting time of October;
Graduated from a high school (completed not less than 12 years of education;
Pass our selection examination