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Customized Program

MANABI Japanese Language Institute is in partnership with the universities of Russia, Korea, and China for a variety of endeavors  such as credit transfers, internships, business Japanese and etc.                        Moreover, there are lots of skilled and experienced staffs who will help and guide the students in there Japanese language ability and business skills. For more information please consult with us.

MANABI Japanese Language Institute  has been recieving requests from the manufacturing, trading, IT related and various industries in conducting corporate dispatch class lessons, and individual lessons by school , to which we recieved favorable responses.                  We are making detailed lesson plan in line with the request of the the learners and the companies.    In addition, we are also providing support to employees immediately after coming here in Japan using the expertise gained through the years by the international students as basis. Let us hear your request.

We can make a lesson in accordance with your lifestyle needs and study purpose. Ordinarily, private lessons are done individually, but if you want to study with your friends we can correspond to your request. Contact us for details.

For those who are not contented in class lessons or private lessons, the teachers can go to your home or to other places and  can teach and help you an efficient way to study Japanese.