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Japanese+Cultural Experience

 Hot and cool summer program in Japan. (Tokyo Campus)


  • Tokyo  Campus


A program where you can experience Japan’s pop culture in Akihabara, and Edo Period’s tradition in Asakusa. You can also attend and experience an animation class, making of Japanese cuisines, fireworks in Sumida River and a lot more. Accommodation is in walking distance from and to Tokyo Sky Tree.

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Application of Student Visa

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To enroll in this program, applicants must apply their short-term stay visa in person. Notice that the procedure of visa-application may be different due to the applicant's own condition.
Please refer to the webpage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and then contact your closest Embassy/Consulate of Japan about the visa-application.
Personal Reference and and Other Preparations
(By applying this program, we do not guarantee all applications of a short-term visa will be successful)


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