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Seeking Higher Education in Japan

Student who has completed his/her prescribed education for at least 12 years or equivalent education outside of Japan will be qualified for admission to a Japanese university or vocational school. For those who plan to enter a graduate school, more than 16 years education with a bachelor degree is required. Please consult us if you do not fulfill the above requirement.

Graduate School

Recommendation Graduate School Program

Advanced Japanese skill is required generally for specialized research in graduate schools. In some cases, however, since research activities are held in English, Japanese skill will not be fully considered as a necessary requirement. But given that you will stay in Japan in a relatively long period, we recommend you to learn some basic Japanese language and Japanese culture in advance before application.
In order to pass the examination, in some cases applicant is required to contract with professor, submit his/her research proposal and get the enrollment approval. It is also a strategic way to enroll as a foreign research student before becoming a formal graduate student.
MANABI supports our students from the selection of graduate school, the preparation of research proposal to examination, and takes them to achieve their goal. 

Graduate School Program


Recommendation Top Universities Program

Although some majors may be different, in most cases a qualification of JLPT N2 is taken as a minimum requirement of entrance.
In addition, many universities take EJU as their entrance examination of enrollment. Almost all universities in Japan start in April every year. Although EJU also held in November, in order to get a high score for a better university, MANABI endeavor a curriculum that focuses on the EJU in June for our students.
MANABI can also support our students to enter our treatment universities through recommendation. In this case, almost no examinations are required, and university's tuition can be partly reduced. All of these are distinct features of MANABI.

Top Universities Program

Vocational School

Recommendation Advance Program

We recommend vocational schools for those who plan to concentrate on specialized skills or knowledge in a relatively short period.
Compared with universities, vocational schools have their advantages in the variation of subjects that able student to choose what they really want to learn.
Through our fruitful information and network, MANABI provide a full-scale from helpful information, to admission and visa application. 

Advance Program