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Student dormitory support

Here in MANABI Japanese Language Institutes, in both Nagano Campus and Tokyo Campus, we provide school dormitories for students to be able to live in a secure in environment here in Japan.
Since we have lots of dormitories to choose from, students can feel secure in starting their life here in Japan.

Nagano Campus

▶Ability Mansion 

 A reasonable dormitory type. It is in a very convenient location for living. It has many restaurants and variety of stores around. Kitchen, shower, and toilet are shared but the female rooms and male rooms are in different floors, so the females can feel secure in living in this dormitory. We suggest this dormitory for those who wants to interact with students from different country

▶Hope Mansion 

It is a newly renewed, 5-storey type of mansion. Toilet and bath are in every room, and it has an elevator. It is in a very convenient location since there is a big supermarket near the place.

▶Peace Mansion 

  It is a new student dormitory which was opened last July 2016.

  It is a mansion with high-grade interior and a very relaxed atmosphere.

▶Misuzu Apartment 

It is just a ten-minute walk to everything like school, supermarket, train station, and library. It is one of the most convenient apartment in town.

▶City Height 

This dormitory is just a 3-minute walk to the school and it is close to the train station.


Tokyo Campus

 ▶J-PARK Ryogoku 

This apartment is just near two train stations namely JR Ryogoku train station and Kinshicho train station. It is also a walking distance from and to the school. Since it is equipped with auto-lock door, they can feel safe.

▶Isehiro Building  

 A 5-minute walk to Kinshicho train station. Large scale commercial buildings are just  near the place, and it has an easy-to-live environment.

▶Monthly mansion Asakusa Azumabashi(Affiliated Dormitory)

Just a 5-minute walk to Asakusa and Tokyo Sky tree. Around it are big commercial buildings, and it’s a very convenient place to live in

▶SK House Hirai(Affiliated Dormitory)

 It is a dormitory located in a quiet city. It has a shared shower room, kitchen and toilet. Since there is a lot of students who are from different country who lives here you can study a lot of things.


Student part-time job support

Here in MANABI, we help students who wishes to do a part-time job. We assist them in Resume writing, finding a part-time job, what to do in interviews, and Japanese manners. Even for those students who does not speak Japanese well, as long as the school is supporting them they can relax and live a normal life here in Japan

How to write a resume

Compared to majority of the resumes around the world, Japanese resume has a special format.

Finding a part-time job

We support students in finding a part-time job. They can also find jobs in overseas student part-time jobs portal sites, job postings or they can look at sone part-time job magazines which are found in convenience stores.

Interview practice

Interview practice will be done when the student learns how to look for a part-time job.
For students to be able to do well in an interview, the following are being practiced: frequently asked questions, tone of voice and facial expressions.

Manners in Japan

We are teaching the students on how to sit down, going in and out from a room, and manners when bowing.If you learn these things you will have no problem in your part-time job.

Student Insurance

In this school, all students who are under a student visa are registered in an insurance called, Japanese Language Institute Co-operation Foreign Students Plan.
The students can have a safe and secure students life because this insurance is applicable when having an illness, or in an accidents.