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Student's Voice

  • Graduate Studentラデサ グントル ブディプラモノ(Indonesia / Nagano School)
  • Ueda is a nice and quiet city for studying.
    Let's study here with marvelous teachers and students!
  • I love Japanese food, and learn Japanese for becoming a good cooker. In MANABI, I meet students from different countries, and this make me curious about their cultures. I want to learn the cuisine of other countries by traveling around the world in the future.
    Finally, teachers are beautiful!
  • Graduateゴー ティ タオ (Viet Nam / Tokyo School)
  • Experience at MANABI was wonderful to feel real Japan!
  • I was able to enter Japanese university due to not only teaching me Japanese but also giving me a right guidance for entering Japanese University.
    In addition, I was able to experience many Japanese cultural experience as well as activities.
  • Graduateユリア ネステロワ(Russia / Tokyo School)
  • The thing I like most in MANABI is their teaching method.
  • I study Japanese because I think it will be useful for my future career. Our school located very close to Kinshicho that I usually go there. MANABI is just like my big family. For everyone who trying to admission in MANABI, please enjoy study here!
  • Graduate Studentゼン キンバイ(PR China / Tokyo School)
  • Greater dreams need greater efforts. If you really know this, then you’ll be success.
  • I am now studying visible light communication in Waseda University as a graduate student. MANABI is enthusiastic about student’s career, and they helped me a lot for my Graduate school preparation. I aim to be an telecommunications specialists in future. Do not forget the dream and hope when you first arrive to Japan!
  • Graduated Studentヨウ レイレイ(PR China / Nagano School)
  • My greatest harvest in MANABI is to meet friends that can encourage each other in study.
  • To become a bridge engineer that can utilizes my Japanese study, I am now working as a analyzer of multifunction machines. “Keep your smile even on the bad days” is the thing that I learn from MANABI teachers’ working attitude. And this also become my objective to work for.