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일본어 프러스 문화체험

Enroll in this special program and experience a variety of Japanese Culture while studying Japanese in the City of Samurai surrounded by nature, Ueda City Nagano Prefecture.A fun-filled class, seeing the cherry blossoms in a famous castle, cultural heritage and hot spring tours this isn't just an ordinary tour, but you can also experience what Japan really is!

Summer activities that can only be experienced here, a place where the Winter Olympics was once held, Nagano Prefecture. Experience a variety of cultural activities and interact with the Japanese people while polishing your Japanese skills. Participate in festivals together with the Japanese people. There are lots of repeaters in this program every year.

A program where you can experience Japan’s pop culture in Akihabara, and Edo Period’s tradition in Asakusa. You can also attend and experience an animation class, making of Japanese cuisines, fireworks in Sumida River and a lot more. Accommodation is in walking distance from and to Tokyo Sky Tree.

Enjoy doing winter sports, dipping in hot springs where the Winter Olympic was held, Nagano Prefecture. Accommodation will be spent in a warm place in a cold winter.