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MANABI'S Scholarship System

MANABI Famous University Scholarship

We MANABI Japanese Language Institutes awards students who are excellent in their studies, has many achievements, and pass a famous universities with a scholarship.

 500,000JPY…The University of Tokyo

 300,000JPY…Kyoto University Osaka University Nagoya Univarsity

 200,000JPY…Hitotsubashi University Tokyo Institute of Technology

                                 University of Tsukuba    Tohoku University
                                 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
                                 Hokkaido University          Kyushu University
                                 Kobe University        Chiba University
                                 Waseda University            Keio University 
                                 Sophia University
  100,000JPY… Saitama University          Shinshu University
                                    Yokohama National University
                                    Meiji University                Chuo University
                                    Hosei University               Aoyamagakuin University
                                    Doshisha University        Tokyo University of Science
                                    Ritsumeikan University

MANABI Special Award Scholarship

MANABI Japanese Language Institutes awards excellent students during the graduation ceremonies.

Nagano Campus and Tokyo Campus gives a total of 600,000JPY in awards every year.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

For students who are enrolled in MANABI Japanese Language Institutes, has good grades and attendance rate, and is a very excellent students, they have the chance to be a recipient of a scholarship  upon recommendation from the school. 

Every year there are about 5-6 students who receives the award.